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These black-and-white photographs were mostly taken in Philadelphia, New York City and Lancaster, PA from 1985 to present. I'm mostly interested in what things look like, although sometimes events converge to create irony, humor or interesting juxtapositions. These usually happen by accident - I think that when you're actually taking the pictures, you have to react to things visually - then something akin to "meaning" creates itself later when you're looking at the negatives and deciding what to print.

I'm also interested in photography as a way of cropping the world into rectangles, as a way of selectively taking things out of context - which often results in stripping the original "meaning" out of the subject matter, or at least in making the image open to interpretation. Kind of the opposite of photojournalism, whose intention is to create narrative and context rather than to discard them. Therefore these Web galleries are categorized with titles more for convenience than for the literal topic.