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The photos in the following gallery were all found on the sidewalk, mostly in Philadelphia, either as entire discarded "collections" that people had put out on garbage day, or as individual pictures that had perhaps fallen out of their owners' pockets - or that the garbage collectors had left behind.

The large collections are what I find particularly poignant and curious: A lifetime of memories scattered on the sidewalk. What happened? Did someone die, then their landlord threw out the entire contents of the apartment? Were the photographs from a marriage or relationship that ended, then the shoeboxes full of images and memories became too sad and burdensome - or embarassing - to transport from house to house, from relationship to relationship?

One of the largest collections was found in 1994 in front of a photo store that had gone out of business. There were hundreds of photographs - many going back to the late 1960s - that had never been picked up by the people who had taken them. Why were the pictures never picked up? Why did the store keep the photos for 25 years? Of particular interest in this collection is a series of pictures of some kids in a rock band taken in 1969, clearly mimicking scenes from "A Hard Day's Night" and other rock 'n roll cliches of the era.
  • Ted Adams
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